Michael C. Hall Wants More Money For More Dexter


Fair enough. After all, there’s no show without him!

On October 2nd, Michael C. Hall’s contract with the hit Showtime drama Dexter will expire, which leads him open to either leave the show (NO!!!!) or Showtime to pick him up for more time (YES!!!).

It sounds like Michael is eager to keep having a bloody good time with Dexter, so long as the price is right. Negotiations are reportedly underway between the actor and the network to see how much longer they want to extend the series and how much they’re willing to pay him for it.

Let’s see, we’re on the sixth season now? Round it up to eight maybe? If the writers can handle two more seasons, we mean…

What do U think? Will there ever be a time when U won’t want Dexter on TV?

Sep 9, 2011 3:30pm PDT

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