Anderson Cooper Addresses Jamey Rodemeyer’s Suicide

Every time we watch this poor soul speak out on bullying, it breaks our hearts.

Anderson Cooper said it best. Even when Jamey Rodemeyer was hurting, he went out of his way to help others by spreading a message it gets better.

Unfortunately, it didn’t get better for Jamey. As we regrettably reported earlier, the fourteen year old was recently found dead from an apparent suicide outside of his home.

And here, Anderson Cooper addresses his death and the rampant anti-gay bullying that is STILL swarming out of control. He discusses the subject with bullying experts Rosalind Wiseman and Rachel Simmons.

Together, they talk about the root of the problem as well as possible solutions for the problem.

And anyone who spews disrespect toward suicide victims obviously just doesn’t get it. Everyone is raised differently with different directions. It’s pretty hard to strengthen yourself when all you’re experiencing is pain. At the fragile age of fourteen especially, it’s not just a matter of “sucking it up.”

The psychological damage caused by bullying and immense feelings of self-doubt inflicted by said bullying can take years and years of repair. Most importantly, those in distress need the love and support of others. Jamey was trying to make it better for himself. He held out his hand to step back up, but as he said before he died, nobody listened in time.

It is truly a tragic situation all around, and though outsiders can always look on objectively and know it doesn’t have to be the end, it doesn’t always feel that way for those inside. We should only send loving thoughts to all involved in these matters.

Please. Watch the video (above) and share it with everyone you know. Awareness is key!

Sep 21, 2011 11:15pm PDT

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