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Will you be watching Dancing With The Stars tonight???

We will definitely tune in and we are rooting for Chaz Bono all the way!

Perez recently caught up with Cher‘s son to talk about all the controversy surrounding his appearance on Dancing, why he signed up for the show, the issue of bullying, what he’d like to do after Stars is over – and why he’s not the biggest fan of his mother’s music!

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Team Chaz!!!!

Perez: Well I wanted to ask first of all, why did you decide to do Dancing with the Stars? Because you know I keep abreast of what happens in your life. And — really that’s not the best word, but to me or as an outsider, it seems like you kind of had this love/hate with like the public eye. And doing Dancing with the Stars is a very public thing.

Chaz Bono: Okay, well first let me just say, thank you for all your support because you’ve been amazing, and Lacey and I totally appreciate it. I don’t know, I don’t think I have a love/hate with the public eye. I think that I just don’t, I mean, I kind of, I look at myself as a normal guy who does this kind of stuff as a job. And so there’s for me a really big separation. And I think just growing up in this town, and in this business, I have a really you know clear perspective of what reality is, and what all the other stuff is. And so you know doing this I thought would be fun, and I thought it would be a way to challenge myself physically with my body now that I feel comfortable in it. And I thought that it would also be a really great way to kind of reach many more people that I’ve been able to reach in the past.

Perez: Now we’ve all been keeping aware of the controversy that’s going on.

Chaz Bono: Right.

Chaz Bono: I imagine you would have thought there would have been some kind of reaction like that. But did you think it would ever get to the point where it is now where apparently you have to security 24/7 and things like that?

Perez: Well I don’t have security 24/7, but I didn’t think it would get quite like this. Exactly what you thought, what you said. I thought that would be some people who had a problem with it, and they would voice it, and then it would, and that would be that. And I didn’t realize that it would — I don’t think I thought that the hate would be so bad, and then that it would rally so much support which has really what’s been invasive to me.

Perez: What do you say to people who argue that your presence on this show is bad for children because they, a lot of children watch?

Chaz Bono: [Watch above.]

Perez: Now, you know one of the good things I think about this season of Dancing with the Stars is unless I’m not completely informed, there isn’t like a professional dancer. You know how in the past there’s always somebody who’s a trained dancer like a Nicole Scherzinger or Maya. And so I think it’s pretty even. What — who do you think is your toughest competition? Like who do you think can make it to the top two or three?

Chaz Bono: It’s still a little early to tell, but I mean, I think there’s some really good, good dancers. But yeah, I totally agree with you, and I’m really happy about that. Because in the seasons where there’s like a trained dancer or like figure skater or something, I get so frustrated. And this is a pretty evenly matched. I mean, I think that Chynna is a really, is doing really well. J.R., David; I mean there’s a lot of people. And then there’s a lot of people who are, I think I’m a lot of potential as well like Rob, and Kristin, and so it’s going to, I don’t know, I don’t know how it’s going to sort out. I’m trying to kind of take it a week at a time and just do the best I can because I really want to stay in this competition as long as possible.

Perez: So you’re in it to win it?

Chaz Bono: I am in it to win it but what —

Lacey: That’s right!

Perez: That’s the attitude we need.

Chaz Bono: Yeah.

Lacey: Yeah, that’s right, I keep tell him. He needs to be a little bit (inaudible).

Perez: What about Chaz’s biggest — well you can come back in for a hot second. What’s been the most difficult thing for Chaz in this whole process of like doing Dancing with the Stars and learning how to dance?

Lacey: Well Chaz is pretty shy so getting out in front of millions of people and shaking his hips it’s not the first thing that he would ever want to do. But you know, every time that we would go into rehearsal, we go into it with a positive attitude, and not listening to the haters. Its unnecessary at this point, and he’s having a blast, and I think people need to let him have a good time.

Perez: Will you be dancing to any Cher songs this season?

Chaz Bono: No, I won’t be dancing to any Cher songs this season. So —

Perez: Why not?

Chaz Bono: [Watch above.]

Perez: What do you want to do next after Dancing with the Stars, and this great platform to have more exposure?

Chaz Bono: [Watch above.]

Perez: Well, what about a reality show, is that of interest to you?

Chaz Bono: [Watch above.]

Perez: Well, what about music? Have you not wanted to — did you ever want to pursue that as well?

Chaz Bono: You know that was my first career, I put out an album in ’93, and it was —

Perez: As yourself, back then as Chastity Bono?

Chaz Bono: No, (inaudible) called Ceremony. And you can get it, you know you can pull up the video on YouTube, it’s still there.

Perez: I’m about to show it right now.


Perez: And you’ve been dating your girlfriend for how long now?

Chaz Bono: Six years.

Perez: Six years.

Chaz Bono: Yeah.

Perez: Has she put any pressure on you to you know to get married?

Chaz Bono: You know we’re, we’ve been engaged for two years, and we’re pretty comfortable where we’re at right now. So not too much pressure no.

Perez: But what about having kids, is that something that you want to do?

Chaz Bono: [Watch above.]

Perez: And now your mom has been pretty supportive as well, Dancing with Stars.

Chaz Bono: Yeah, she’s been so great, I mean, so supportive in tweeting, and also like sending her Physical Therapist over to work on me, and stuff like that. So I, I she’s been amazing.

Perez: It seems like it took a while for your mom to, just even become comfortable with this decision that you wanted, that you wanted to transgender, become, your transition, and —

Chaz Bono: Right.

Perez: You know did you have to really work at it with her, or did you just kind of give her space, and she just came around to you? What was that process like?

Chaz Bono: Yeah, I did. I talked, I mean, obviously I talked to her over the years as I was deciding to do it. And then about six months before I started my transition, we had a really serious talk about it. And she was actually really positive at that point. And now I think as the reality hit her, it just really hit her, which is understandable. This is a hard thing for parents to accept. And I’m sorry, Lacey just showed me a drawing that she did of a big giant drod (phonetic), I’ll just say. So and you know when I started going through it, and my voice changed, it really hit her. And she needed some space, and I gave it to her. And that’s kind of been my approach is it’s her journey to acceptance, and it’s one that she really needs to take on her own, and I’ve just given her the space to do that.

Perez: Well that’s good.

Chaz Bono: Yeah.

Perez: Well awesome. Well thank you for taking time from rehearsals. I know you’re very busy. I appreciate it. I wish you luck.

Chaz Bono: My pleasure. Thank you. And again, thank you so much for your support, we are — we need it so thank you so much.

Perez: Well good, just work hard, and you’ll do well.

Chaz Bono: Okay, you got it.

Perez: Thank you. Bye!

Chaz Bono: Bye, bye.

Sep 26, 2011 10:20am PDT

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