Andy Rooney’s Farewell To 60 Minutes

An end to an era.

Last night, Andy Rooney signed off for the last time, bringing an end to his loooooooong career on 60 Minutes. He took his final moments on screen to look back at his 70 year long career, to speak of his friends and family who have played a huge part in his life and of cours, the stories he’s told to the millions of viewers around the world.

He left no pearls of deep wisdom, other than to suggest that if the world was completely truthful, he thought, it would be a nicer place to live. Then he dropped a little truth himself, asking that if you see him and his eyebrows roaming the streets or sitting down to dinner, just quietly stare at him from afar. He doesn’t like to be disturbed during meal time.

So here, in the video above, is Andy’s farewell speech. So long old chum! Enjoy your retirement! Save room for Regis at the early bird special at Dennys. He’ll be there in about a month or so!

Oct 3, 2011 9:40am PDT

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