EXCLUSIVE: How To Get A Cindy Crawford Post Baby Body

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Q&A with Perezito’s fitness expert!

Precious reader, Kim, wants the prefect exercise to get her back into shape. She asks Kathy Kaehler, co-author of Mom Energy:

“I wanted to ask you about a good exercise to get back my pre pregnancy tummy. I had my little baby girl, Ashton, about 5 months ago with a natural birth so I am ready to get back into it.”

Kathy’s answer:

Thank you for supporting our book Mom Energy and what perfect timing as you will be looking for that balanced energy.

The best exercise is the exercise that you like to do and that feels good. Being a new mom comes a new schedule/lifestyle. What worked before may not be practical now. However, with a baby that is able to be in a stroller is a perfect walking companion.

Map out a mile course from your home where you have safe walking paths or sidewalks and begin your workout routine. Time yourself how long it takes you to walk the one mile out and one mile back. Build up to the distance and start out with a shorter distance. You can also do a fabulous workout routine that I created for Cindy Crawford called A New Dimension that you can get in DVD on my website.

Always listen to your body and remember it took ten months to have the baby so give your body a chance to catch up!

Kathy’s workout defiantly worked for Cindy Crawford! Gurl looks FANTASTIC now!

If your a mom person trying to get into shape, it sounds like A New Dimension might just do the trick!!

Thanks for the tip Kathy!

Oct 7, 2011 4:00pm PDT

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