Ratings Were Pretty Much Down Across The Board Last Week

Community Ratings

What’s going on with television?? Ratings are down pretty much everywhere!

Though, when we say that ratings went down, it doesn’t spell bad news for ALL the shows, just ones that are doing worse and worse. Like Charlie’s Angels — which has been largely panned by critics — getting a 20% drop following the week before having a 29% drop… we smell cancellation.

Also struggling is Thursday night comedy on NBC, which sucks, because those shows are still incredible, especially Community:

Prime Suspect was not the lowest-rated NBC series on Thursday this time – it was tied with Community (1.5/5), which was down 17%. Parks & Recreation (1.9/5) was down 10%, while The Office (3.1/8) was down 11% to log its lowest-rated episode in 6-and-a-half years, since the finale of its poorly rated 6-episode first season in the spring of 2005. While baseball was a factor, it is still disconcerting for the veteran comedy to drop so much as it raises concerns about the show’s viability without star Steve Carell.

Plain and simple, more people should watch Community!

Fox took a hit because of baseball, but X Factor is holding strong without really growing or losing viewers. Which is great news for Simon!

And lastly Whitney was down 8%, and we’re wondering if the execs are regretting giving it a full season… just sayin’!

What have U been watching lately?

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Oct 9, 2011 5:40pm PDT

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