R.I.P. Charlie’s Angels! New TV Show Remake CANCELLED!

abc has cancelled charlies angels

Goodbye, Angels.

On Sunday, we reported that ratings for TV in general were down last week…but we were specifically concerned for Charlie’s Angels, which had dropped 20% in the ratings after dropping 29% the week before!

We were right to be concerned, because today ABC announced that they’ve stopped production on the show, and even though they’ll continue airing the seven or so episodes that have already been shot…there will be no new ones after that.

Major bummer for executive producer Drew Barrymore, but who knows? Maybe she’ll bring the Angels back again one day! Perhaps another over-the-top movie with a creepy cameo by Crispin Glover???

Are U sad that Charlie’s Angels was cancelled? Do U think we’ll ever see another Angels TV series???

Oct 14, 2011 4:10pm PDT

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