Hostel: Part III Heads To Vegas!

Hopefully this new group of victims is able to at least catch a good show before the horror begins! Maybe Elton??? LOLz.

Check out the newly released trailer (above) for Hostel: Part III, the direct-to-DVD threequel in the ultra-violent horror franchise.

While Eli Roth may not be involved with this one, we took a gander at IMDB, and here are a few elements that this flick has got going for it:

– Director Scott Spiegel co-wrote Evil Dead II, which is a much-loved cult classic in the horror world

– Stars Kip Pardue, which should be exciting for all you Rules of Attraction fans out there!

– Writer Michael D. Weiss also co-wrote family flick Journey to the Center of the Earth. Not necessarily a good thing, but a bizarre/surprising little tidbit

Are U excited for Hostel: Part III? Do U think it will be good, despite being direct-to-dvd???

Oct 15, 2011 9:00am PDT

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