EXCLUSIVE: Ali Landry’s Pre-Labor To-Do List

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She’s a beauty queen, and actress, and — as of last week — a mother of two!

Dispite giving birth just LAST WEEK, perezitos.com corespondent Ali Ladry is already back at work for another mom tip Tuesday!

As Ali approached her due date and her pregnancy drew to an end, she found myself a ball of mixed emotions. While she was super excited that she was finally going to meet my new baby, she have to admit she was also a little stressed about all the things she had to get ready before he arrived.

She said:

“To ease my mind, I made a quick checklist of all the stuff that needed to get done before the big day. This helped to ensure that I didn├é┬╣t forget anything and once something got done, it was crossed off and quickly pushed aside so I could focus on welcoming my second bundle of joy.”

Here is Ali Pre-Labor To-Do List:

1.) Stock up on standard household supplies: toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, batteries, food, etc.

Put everything in an easy to reach place (but not too easy for other children to reach) so accessing what you need is as easy as possible.

2.) Get things fixed: Have your husband, brother, friend, handyman, whomever, get things repaired and working before the big day.

Having those leaky faucets fixed or that drafty window sealed will help prevent a lot of added stress.

3.) Clean, clean, clean: Vacuum, dust, get rid of things you don’t need/use, etc.

I’m the queen of nesting! At the end of this pregnancy I took house cleaning to a whole new level. I cleaned out and organized every cabinet, drawer, storage room, closet, nook, cranny, you name it.

It’s the perfect time for some spring-cleaning. After all, God knows when you’re going to get around to doing it again and if you plan to have family over to welcome the new baby, you’ll be glad you’ve already crossed it off your to-do list.

4.) Shop ahead: Clothing, holidays, etc.

Because my due date was in October and winter is just around the corner, I made sure to buy all my daughter Estela¹s winter clothes and Christmas outfits beforehand.

If you¹re due later in the year and closer to the holidays, I would also suggest getting your holiday shopping out of the way beforehand as well. Fighting those holiday crowds is tough enough without a newborn baby in tow.

5.) And lastly, Mommy Time!: Hair, nails, massages, dinner with girl friends, etc.

This is your last chance for some mommy time! I went and got my hair and nails done and squeezed in a few last-minute massages. I also worked out up until a week before giving birth because I’m still hoping that after the delivery the baby weight will come off and reveal that my pre-pregnancy bod was hiding under there all along. Fingers crossed!

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[Image via Ali Landry.]

Oct 18, 2011 6:30pm PDT

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