Prosecution May Call Prince To Testify In Conrad Murray Trial


Michael Jackson‘s oldest son Prince Jackson recently met with Deputy District attorney David Walgren to discuss the possibility of him being called to testify in the Conrad Murray trial.

A family insider said the meeting was held at Katherine Jackson‘s Calabasas residence , adding:

“Walgren met with Prince and Katherine Jackson to discuss Prince taking the stand. Katherine wants to ensure that Prince will be protected as much as possible. Even though she is steadfastly against Prince testifying, she recognizes this is something that he very much wants to do. Remember, from testimony heard so far, when he discovered Michael Jackson wasn’t breathing Murray told the chef to send Prince up to the bedroom. Dr. Murray brought Prince into this. Prince has information that is clearly relevant to the proceedings. Make no mistake, Prince would have been called as a witness already if he was an adult.

Prince does have information that would be helpful for the jury to hear. However, it’s a double-edged sword of putting a child in this case on the stand. This could be very traumatic and Prince, despite all assurances that he can handle it, well, you never know until it actually happens. How would he do under cross examination from Dr. Murray’s lawyers? How will he react to seeing Dr. Murray in court? The last time Prince saw Dr. Murray was the day his dad died, and a lot has changed in his world since then.”

So far, there’s a “50/50” chance that Prince will take the stand and that’s if Katherine feels she can trust the Deputy D.A.

This is such a touchy subject. It seems like it would be so difficult and most likely traumatizing for Prince to have to take the stand in his dad’s trial, but if it means getting the truth out, then so be it.

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Oct 18, 2011 5:00pm PDT

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