Heather Mills Getting Sued Again! This Time, Over Unpaid Haircuts!!!

heather mills being sued for unpaid haircuts

You’re on quite the roll there, aren’t you, Heather?

Back in March, Heather Mills‘ ex-publicist filed a lawsuit against her for $168,000 in unpaid fees. Ouch!

Now, Sir Paul McCartney’s ex is also being sued by El Lay hairdresser David Paul Miramontes for $80,000 in unpaid bills. Ugh.

Given the fact that Heather won £24.3million from Paul in their divorce, it seems pret-ty inexcusable for her to not pay him back for those haircuts!

Here’s more about this lawsuit from court docs:

“On or around December 2008, Mills cut off contact with her entourage that helped make her look and become famous, and started avoiding David because she owed him money.”

“At this point, the celebrity hairstylist David Paul realised he was a victim of fraud. David now believed Mills never intended to pay as promised.”

“On or around December 2008, David refused to work for Mills ever again. He prepared a final invoice reflecting $80,000 in total unpaid services rendered. The final invoice remains unpaid to date.”

Absolutely disgusting, but unfortunately not surprising! Heather Mills’ track record of deceptive behavior is pretty damn substantial.

What do U think? Team Mills or Team Hairdresser???

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Oct 19, 2011 8:10pm PDT

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