Glee Isn’t Doing So Hot In Ratings

Glee Ratings Drop

Say it ain’t so, Glee!

It looks like after a few seasons of being untouchable, the show is starting to cool down a little. It might not be cause for alarm, but more people are DVRing it instead of making it a must watch to talk about the next day.

And the first three episodes this season are down 21%. Ouch!

But, we aren’t losing hope!

Here’s what Dana Walden had to say:

“The show has come back in an incredibly strong way creatively. The core objective this year with Ryan is: How do we strengthen the storytelling to maintain longevity?”

And Kevin Reilly at Fox:

“It’s not exactly where I’d want it. But given how hot it was burning on all fronts, it was inevitable it would cool down.”

We just feel like it needs a little more refocusing is all! We are in no way worried about it disappearing any time soon — and Ryan Murphy has proven that he has what it takes to make things compelling!

How do U feel about this season?? Have U been watching??

UPDATE: Allow us to lay some truth down on ya’ll. This is the year 2011. Times are tough and people are busy. We’ve just been contacted by a source from the show who wanted us to call out this “bullshit” about the ratings because the writer of the original article left out one key component: the DVR ratings.

Yes, those count. Of course they count! So many people DVR these days. It’s how we all get to maximize how many shows we can watch a week! According to our VERY RELIABLE source, if you count the DVR ratings (which the USA Today reporter did not), the show is only down six percent. That’s not bad at all for a show in its third season. JUST SAYING!

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Oct 25, 2011 6:20pm PST

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