Muffins Could Be Used To Help Diagnose Diabetes

Muffins Diabetes

Diabetes is way too common, but diagnosing it can be kinda tricky.

There’s one method that asks the patient to fast the night before and then drink a super-sugary solution the next day at the doctor’s office to see how the body reacts to the sugar. People don’t really like that, and usually feel pretty ill after drinking all that stuff regardless if they have diabetes or not.

So some doctors want to use muffins instead!

Dr. Michael Traub says:

“Women really hate to get tested. It’s really not such a pleasant test. A muffin more closely resembles what someone really eats — it may just provide a more adequate test.”

It definitely sounds like a tastier way to do it, but there are people out there say that using a muffin could be way harder than the sugary drink.

“Getting a standardized muffin across the United States and across the world I think would be challenging. Using a glucose drink is probably more convenient. Glucose solutions have a longer shelf-life. We know exactly what’s in them.”

We never thought we’d hear the phrase “standardized muffin” in our life. What a ridiculous concept, ha!

But the argument for it doesn’t seem to be too worried about standardizing muffins. In fact, the cost is much lower — a dollar per muffin vs. five dollars per bottle of solution — and muffins can be grabbed from a local bakery. Not only that, but the women tested didn’t to seem to feel ill because of it either!

“I just think that we have more standardized testing techniques now, and I think debating how to test and whether we should use muffins or cookies or jelly beans is sort of diverting attention from the fact that people should be tested and treated if they have this. There still is a lot of undiagnosed diabetes and glucose intolerance out there. It is important to identify people with glucose intolerance.”

The nay-sayer probably works for or is getting kick-backs from the solution company, right??

Team Muffins!

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Oct 27, 2011 1:30pm PDT

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