Cheetahs Celebrate Halloween By Playing With Pumpkins


At Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, the zookeepers added some oversized pumpkins to the cheetah habitat for Halloween.

Cheetahs are normally strictly only carnivores but they were very curious over the new smells and textures of the big orange squashes.

Kasi and Mtani, a cheetah and dog who’ve grown up together, and two other adolescent female cheetahs, were playing with the pumpkins as a form of enrichment, which is something meant to challenge and stimulate the animals.

Zookeepers use food and toys to keep the animals engaged and stimulated, mentally and physically, to keep them nice and healthy.

Looks like fun!

[Image via Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.]

Oct 31, 2011 9:00am PDT

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