The Only 4 X Factor Performances You Need To Watch Are THESE!

Once again our original picks to make it to the top 4 of American X Factor provided the best performances of the evening on the show last night!

This week, though, THE BEST performance – by far – belonged to Melanie Amaro! Watch her performance above. She gave us chills!!!! Melanie was THAT good! Her take on Desperado was just… wow. Wow. Wow!

The control! The range! The emotion! It was flawless!

Also giving an exceptional performance last night, despite not the most obvious song choice for her, was Drew Ryniewicz, who has such a special voice! It was our second favorite performance of the evening.

Drew took Nelly’s rap song Just A Dream and turned it into something magical!!! Watch her performance above.

The only two other performances of note this week were, once again, Lakoda Rayne and Astro!

Vocally, Lakoda Rayne were stunning with their rendition of the Fleetwood Mac classic Landslide! On-point! Such exquisite harmonizing with each other! And they’re a group that was put together on the show and have only been working as a team for a couple of months!

We love their voices, but we think the presentation was a bit cheeseball. The choreography (all that moving) was unnecessary for this song, in our opinion. This performances would have been a lot more effective if it was just all about their beautiful voices and that beautiful song without any distraction. Watch their performance below.

Astro continues to impress with his mad skills!!! So tight! And so young!

We loved his performance of Hip Hop Hooray. We would just like next week to see a little more variety and depth from him – and that’s all about song choice! We’d suggest Kanye’s Jesus Walks or a song likes that!

All of these 4 acts, though, are soooo good and could really go on to be relevant artists after X Factor is over!

As for everyone else???? We share our thoughts about all the other performances…. after the jump! Plus we choose our pick for whom we think/hope will get voted off tonight!

– Stereo Hogz: Was just ok. Nothing exceptional about their performance. We’d like to hear singing from MORE of them. They’re supposed to be a group, right????

– Rachel Crow: Great voice but she and her performance felt very Disney.

– Chris Rene: Vocally spotty last night, but we do like him a lot!

– Intensity: THE WORST performance of the evening! We hope/think they will get voted off tonight!

– Marcus Canty: Definitely talented, but he’s lacking that certain something that Usher has.

– Josh Krajcik: Like Chris, this performance definitely had some vocal issues. Not consistently amazing, like Melanie was.

– Leroy Bell: Bad song choice, though he has a great voice. And he sure is sexy as hell!

– Stacy Francis: MUCH better song choice for her and she sounded great. However we can’t root for her after we uncovered her recent and repeated lies and deceit. It’s fraud! It’s pathological! It’s gross!

Nov 3, 2011 10:10am PDT

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