Herman Cain Defends His Honor On Jimmy Kimmel Live

And he tries to have a sense of humor about it to boot!

Whether Herman Cain acutally got inappropriately handsy with those three four five (that is the latest count this morning) women remains to be seen, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering Herman one damn bit that this is all happening regardless.

Last night, the Republican presidential hopeful appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to announce that he would be holding a press conference today to clear the air about these “lies” and hopefully bring all the nonsense to an end. He also took a moment to discuss his platform, while letting Jimmy take a few playful jabs at him.

Also, he talks in the third person. That’s just the definition of cool.

Hope on the “Cain Train” and check out his interview (above)!

Can’t say we agree with his politics at all, but we will say this: Herman says that it is the people who are going to vote in the next President, not the media. That’s very true. We just hope the people pay close enough attention to the issues next year and vote in the RIGHT person for the job!

Nov 8, 2011 12:50pm PDT

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