Jason Segel Developing New Goonies/Labyrinth Style Film!

Jason Segel Puppets

Oooh fun!

We’re beginning to think being a famous actor was just part of Jason Segel‘s plan to eventually become movie mogul.

During a press interview for The Muppets, Jason revealed what his next plan is:

I actually just got back into possession my first script I ever sold when I was 21-years-old. It sat on a shelf and they didn’t know that it was the same Jason Segel. I came to them because the contract was up and I went to buy it up and they were like, ‘No, wait, that was you? That was your script?’ And I was like, ‘Yep, sorry dudes.’ So I now own it and I want to make it. It’s a kids adventure movie in the style of Goonies or Labyrinth or something like that. I think that’s the next big thing I’d like to try to tackle.

There are parts I could play, but I’d be happy to just produce it. It’s a really cool kids adventure story and there could be puppets involved. I have an idea for a type of puppet I’ve never seen before.

Oooh, Jason. You puppet master, youuuu….

We’re happy to hear he’s going to be creating more films. Despite some of his raunchier roles in the past, Jason somehow manages to bring an intelligent yet innocent feel to Hollywood. And who doesn’t need a good dose of that here and there!

[Image via KOKOPIX/WENN.]

Nov 8, 2011 8:40pm PDT

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