Johnny Depp Prefers Private Planes Because…

Johnny Depp Prefers Private Planes

We love Johnny and because we care so much about the guy, we have to say something about this..

Johnny Depp prefers flying on private planes because he can smoke on them.

Okay, for starters, “smoking is bad, mmkay.” We know he only recently started back up, but it’s not exactly the healthiest habit, so we wish he hadn’t.

Second, didn’t you almost die in a private plane, Johnny? We know commercial flights crash too but eek!

Of course, we totally get the other reason he flies private. So people won’t stare him down.

The actor says:

The commercial flight thing, it just gets a little weird when you’re standing in line and suddenly you’re not just a guy standing in line any more, you become sort of novelty boy.

And we all know how much Johnny loves his privacy. We just keep our fingers crossed he stays safe on them! We want as much Depp as we can get!

[Image via WENN.]

Nov 8, 2011 6:30am PST

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