Innovative! Oregon Using iPads For Disabled Voters

oregon using ipads for disabled voters


In a special primary election taking place in Oregon to find a replacement for U.S. Rep. David Wu, who resigned as a result of a sex scandal, disabled voters are using iPads to cast their ballots!

Basically, voters will tap the screen on the iPad to pick a candidate, and then they’ll send the ballot to a portable printer. From there, they’ll put the ballot in an envelope and send it in.

Here’s what 75-year-old Oregon voter Lewis Crews, who suffers from sever arthritis, had to say about it:

“It’s a lot simpler for me. I think it’s a great setup they got…Now that I’ve seen how it works I’m confident I can do it on my own.”

We think this is wonderful! And from what we’re hearing, if all goes well, it sounds like this could become a widespread trend in Oregon, and inevitably across the country!

What do U think? Should we start trusting iPads in the U.S. voting process???

Nov 9, 2011 9:20am PDT

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