Kris Jenner Apologizes To Native American Community For Indian Giver Comments!

The Kardashian Klan just kan’t seem to katch a break!

Not only were many members of the public outraged with Kris Jenner‘s appearance on Good Morning America, on which she spewed a whole lot of reasons why Kim Kardashian‘s 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries was NOT a joke, but a majority of the Native American community was deeply offended by her usage of the term “Indian Giver” in regards to the soon-to-be-ex taking back his engagement ring!

Publicist Tara J. Ryan sent the reality momager an e-mail asking her to make a public apology for saying such a hurtful thing on national television, as well as daughter Kourtney‘s Pochahontas costume on the Halloween episode of Dancing With The Stars, and she replied with the following:

From: “Kris Jenner”
Date: 11/04/2011 06:56 AM
To: “Tara J. Ryan”
Subject: Re: This week’s events, some thoughts to ponder

Hi Tara..thank you very much for the very well written note re my careless remarks yesterday on GMA…I am truly sorry if I offended anyone with something I said and I certainly had no intention of hurting or offending anyone…I am probably the least judgmental person you will ever meet, and never would make fun of anyone, of any race….I was asked a question on the spot and because of my dry sarcastic personality I was apparently trying to find a bit of levity in a really tough situation. I was on a book tour in nyc that was booked several months ago and never expected to be thrust into the media storm that occurred but nevertheless would do anything for my kids. obviously not an ideal situation and I’m sorry that careless remark came out of my mouth…I grew up in the 60’s and in school it was a silly think kids would say if you took back a gift etc and I’m sure kids never gave it a second thought as to the kind of pain it could cause…but I get it and profusely apologize…I also feel so bad that you take offense of my daughter and grandson and their costumes…I think you can look at something real negative, or the glass half full..I always choose the glass half full because its so much more productive. Kourtney loves fashion and I assure you its a compliment that she is inspired by the indian community and the amazing native style…my grandson wears moccasins almost every day because she likes the way they look…I would look at that at a nod and smile rather than she is trying to poke fun…just another way of looking at it…I am saddened to hear that you might be one of those people who believe everything you read about my daughters decision to separate from her husband. Think about it…obviously something must have happened to have her make this type of decision. I’m sorry you are disappointed but maybe take a step back and use common sense and not judge someone else unless you are walking in their shoes…Just trying to do my best…God Bless you! And thanks for the email..Kris

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Well, she took the time to not only respond, but take responsibility for using a very old-fashioned, derorogatory stereotype, so that’s something!

Not really sure what the “half full” and “fashion” nonsense is regarding her response to Kourtney’s costume, but whatevs! We’ll leave this one up to you!

What do U think?? Is Kris’ apology sincere? Should she do it publicly?

Nov 10, 2011 8:30pm PDT

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