Jay-Z Wants To Occupy WALL STREETS With New T-Shirt: Don’t Expect Any Money, Occupyers


Jay-Z is joinng the Occupy cause. Sort of.

Rocawear has released a new T-shirt calling attention to the Occupy movement. The new T-shirt, pictured above, has the Occupy Wall Street design but the “W” is crossed of and there is an “S” after Street. The rap mogul believes that the economy and Occupy cause should be adressed.

But just don’t expect him to willing give Occupyers the millions he will make from the shirts.

A spokesperson for Rocawear announced that while they support the cause, they don’t have any intention to support the cause with money. Somebody’s got to eat, right?

However, Def Jam head Russell Simmons is an active member of the Occupy movement and he loves the T-shirt. Simmons tweeted, “Love Jay-Z’s t-shirt,…Glad I got mine today.”

It’s good to see Jay-Z support Occupy. Let’s see if his support possibly goes even further.

Nov 12, 2011 4:00am PDT

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