R-Patz Hates Set Security, Is Unable To Bond With Cast And Crew


Aw, poor little R-Patzy Poo.

Robert Pattinson recently revealed that he’s sick of set security because he’s unable to bond with the cast and crew on his movies.

He finds having security and bodyguards around him all the time to be “frustrating” because he’s always separated from everybody else and is unable to get to know them better.

He adds:

“You just wish that you could stay in a s***ty hotel and hang out with everyone.

I never meet anyone, and I have to have the same conversation all the time, going over the same trivial bulls**t every time you talk to someone. I’m always separated from the crew because you have to be in an extra secure place and I don’t even know people’s names – it’s very frustrating.”

What’s worse is that Rob can’t make real relationships because he’s always paranoid that they will use him. He says:

“I just try to avoid as much hassle as possible and try to find places where it’s more important for them to keep your business than sell you out. Everybody wants to sell you out.”

Aw, we do feel a little sorry for you, Rob. But, we can’t feel TOO bad because you obviously were able to find some time to bond with KStew considering you two are dating. Hmmm??

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Nov 12, 2011 4:00pm PDT

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