Conrad Murray’s Loved Ones BEGGING For Leniency At Today’s Sentencing!

conrad murray loved ones begging for leniency

Guess we’ll find out soon if their pleas have any effect!

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren is pushing for Conrad Murray to be given the maximum sentence for being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death.

Murray’s family and friends, on the other hand, want the judge to take it easy on him!

Here’s what Murray’s baby momma Nicole Alvarez had to say about it in a letter she wrote to the judge:

“I would like to address my personal relationship with Dr. Murray. He is the father of my two year old son. I would like you to know how monumental he has been in my son’s life. He is absolutely an outstanding father who cares for all of his children. Even throughout the duration of the trial he has been an active participant in caring for our son…This was a very unfortunate tragedy. A human situation can happen to anyone. And in one moment your life is in the hands of others, all that one has worked for is gone.”

More from Alvarez:

“In my opinion, Conrad Murray has already suffered. He’s already lost. More importantly he has lost a dear friend/patient, he has lost his freedom, his home, and his livelihood. He has been the subject of worldwide public scrutiny. I am no one to tell you what you should deem necessary as Conrad Murray stands before you on November 29, 2011. But what I can say is that Conrad is a non-violent, harmless individual that overflows with love, compassion and respect for all. Please truly consider all these factors.”

Along with Nicole, we’re also hearing that Murray’s mother Milta Rush, Nicole’s father Enrique, and several doctors, patients, and friends have also sent letters to the judge begging for leniency.

What do U think? Should the judge take it easy on Conrad Murray???

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Nov 29, 2011 10:40am PDT

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