Courtney Love Offering Nirvana Music To X Factor!!!

It’s no secret Courtney Love is very protective of her Nirvana rights. So fans might be pretty shocked to read this one.

After hearing rumors that X Factor producers were wishing for the rights to Nirvana music, Courtney responded.

She’s offering Simon Cowell some rights to In Bloom for X Factor contestant Janet Devlin!

She tweets:

@SimonCowell you want some Nirvana songs? @JanetJealousy is from same town as Kurt? I have the perfect idea for that, call me babe.

@JanetJealousy @simoncowell i know it when i see it, but id want to have a hand in it, in bloom is the song, nothing else.

Interesting! Verry, verry interesting!!

Of course, the avid Nirvana lyric-whisperer may find a wink in this offer…

Sorry Dave Grohl, she’s still not offering any of that love to you.

Nov 30, 2011 6:00am PDT

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