WTF! iPhone 4s Assistant Siri Is Against Abortion

siri is anti abortion

Not. Cool.

According to a new report, iPhone 4s electronic personal assistant Siri refuses to locate anti-abortion clinics.

In one particular example, a woman in Washington, D.C. asked Siri to locate such a facility, but instead of directing her to the Planned Parenthood on 16th St, NW, Siri told the woman to visit the 1st Choice Women’s Health Center, which is an anti-abortion Crisis Pregnancy Center in Landsdowne, Virginia.

Apparently, if you ask Siri to locate abortion clinics in New York City, she’ll say she didn’t find any at all.

Oh, and we’re hearing that another woman asked Siri “Why are you anti-abortion,” to which the iphone assistant responded “I just am…”

We find it SERIOUSLY troubling that Siri will help locate nearby strip clubs, but she won’t allow users to visit abortion clinics.

Might want to hire different programmers for version 2.0, Apple. Think about it.

Dec 1, 2011 7:45am PST

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