Martin Scorsese Says Of Hugo: C’est Moi!

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If anyone went to see the breathtaking Hugo, then we’re sure you figured it out.

The monologues throughout the film? Specifically one toward the very end — that’s totally Martin Scorsese talking to his audience.

But it’s no secret! He admits it. But it wasn’t intentional.

The film is about a lost boy on a mission to fix his and his father’s broken toy. But on this mission he ends up finding himself in a mysterious world of movie magic. And that’s where the real fun begins.

After Scorsese made the film, everyone kept telling him “that’s you, that’s you.” And eventually, he saw it too.

The acclaimed director says:

The boy’s isolation, and the fact that it resolves itself through Melies and the invention of cinema — this for me was a direct connection, with a fantasy of my own childhood in a way.

Aww, Marty… We love your films! We’re glad you could find yourself in them.

Dec 5, 2011 8:40pm PDT

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