Not Okay! One In 11 Traffic Deaths Caused By Drivers Using Cell Phones!


This is frankly just unacceptable – especially seeing as so many of these could have probably been avoided!

According to a new study from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,092 died last year in “distracted-affected” crashes, AKA texting, phoning, or even answering a call while driving, which makes it the cause of one in every 11 U.S. traffic deaths!

Worse yet, over 3/4ths of drivers admitted to answering calls on most, if not some, trips, and rarely consider the traffic situations when deciding whether or not to do so! These same drivers said that they would feel unsafe as passengers if the driver were doing what they just admitted to!

Not okay, guys!

There’s already so much out there that we can’t control, why risk your safety when it can just easily be avoided all together?!

Just focus on the road!

[Image via WENN.]

Dec 9, 2011 7:30pm PDT

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