Real Protesters Crash Law & Order: SVU‘s Occupy Set

Occupy Wall Street protesters are totes pissed that Law & Order: SVU wants to do a an episode about them!

To thank the TV makers for trying to document their movement by making it focus of one of highest rated scripted shows on air, they rallied together to do the most gracious thing they could do: occupy the shit out of them!

A rep for OWS said the protest was all in good fun. He said:

“People did it in the spirit of absurdity and fun… we’re doing that tonight with a good bit of jest and big fat smiles on our faces.”

The show’s producers didn’t think it was fun.

They called the cops and by 1 A.M. the NYPD had the real protesters removed.

Watch (above) to see the Occupy Law & Order: SVU footage movement taken by the OWS protesters.

Dec 9, 2011 5:10pm PDT

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