Bernie Fine’s Victims Hire Gloria Allred To Sue Syracuse And Jim Boeheim

Gloria and Jim Boeheim

Karma’s a biatch and Gloria Allred is her physical incarnation!

After ignoring the claims of two former ball boys that Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine molested them, the school and head coach Jim Boeheim really have it coming now!

Since Boeheim publicly called them money hungry liars to several media outlets, pedophilia victims Bobby Davis and Mike Lang have enlisted in the help of the famous discrimination attorney to file a defamation lawsuit in New York Supreme Court against the coach and school that employs him.

No word on how much, but the pair of alleged victims are seeking compensatory and punitive damages. If a lawyer as high profile as Allred is involved, we have a feeling it will be A LOT!

This will most likely be the only shot at justice they get too. No charges could be filed against Fine for his crimes of sexual abuse because the state’s statute of limitations expired years ago.

Take note colleges, coaches, sports teams, and anyone else who could be in this situation — this is what happens when you ignore claims of sexual abuse!

[Image via WENN.]

Dec 14, 2011 10:30am PDT

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