Are Lesli Margherita and Kerry Butler Broadway’s Romy And Michele?

Lesli Margherita kerry butler

There’s been a recent New York reading for the Broadway adaptation of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and two beautiful actresses are THIS close to nabbing the parts!

Lesli Margherita and Kerry Butler, both acclaimed stage starlets, were cast in the reading. We bet they did great too!

As for the musical itself, the goal is to open house within the next eighteen months!

Producer Barry Kemp says it’s a nurturing process, though:

We don’t want to do a re-creation of the movie. We wanted to do a re-imagining of the movie. There are some things that are familiar and some things that were not in the film. It’s a matter of balancing the moments you musicalize and the moments that you just let play. We don’t want to blow the show up just to get it into a large theatre.

Incubate it!!! We wanna see it soon!!!

[Image via Ability Films/FayesVisionWENN.]

Dec 14, 2011 9:45pm PDT

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