Poor Plan B Policy Is Angering Students At New Jersey’s Ramapo College

Plan B

And anyone else who thinks the emergency contraceptives should be readily available to anyone meeting the age requirements.

Plan B, otherwise known as “the morning-after pill”, is causing controversy with female students at New Jersey’s Ramapo College where it is more difficult than it needs to be for them to get their hands on it.

Female students not only have to make an appointment with Health Services to get the over-the-counter contraceptive, but they have to give unnecessary details about their sex lives and even sit through a lecture about safe sex as if 18 is no longer the legal age for adulthood.

So the college is forcing responsible students through awkward hoops when the law already states that a man or woman 17 years of age and older can have access to the pill by simply asking a pharmacist (or a health services representative, in this case) for it.

Jillian Grimaldi, president of Feminists United at Ramapo College, believes this practice is “medically irresponsible”, explaining:

“Aside from the intrusive nature of this system, it is also putting an undue strain on our already overtaxed Health Services. Although Health Services promises to see students within the 72-hour window that is recommended, this means that sometimes students are waiting 24+ hours to be seen. Since we know that the sooner the pill is taken, the better chance there is of it working this waiting period seems medically irresponsible to us.”

Instead of the current policy, students feel that the emergency contraceptive should be “available OTC to anyone over 17 who is willing to read and sign consent forms”, as it is at any other college in the area.

We can’t help but agree! This college should be ashamed of themselves for not only standing in students’ way when trying to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, but attempting to make legal adults feel bad for having sex.

Dec 19, 2011 3:00pm PDT

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