Ricki Lake ‘Wouldn’t Change’ Her Weight Struggles

RIcki Lake weight struggles

Ricki Lake may have recently lost a ton of weight, but she’s also got a healthy mind and spirit. To us, she’s a role model in every way possible and her latest blog is definitely one worth checking out!

The Dancing With The Stars alum has been a size 24 and a size 4 in her lifetime, but admits she wouldn’t change a thing. Her size not only helped her snag a lead role in John WatersHairspray, but helped her realize that living a healthy lifestyle has nothing to do with the size of her jeans — it’s about enjoying life to the fullest!

In her final blog entry for CelebVillage, Ricki reflects on her body’s incredible physical transformation as of late and shares:

“I don’t think of myself in terms of a size but rather the incredible sense of energy that comes along with being in shape. The exercise, nutrition and conscious decisions I make every day are less about the jeans and more about the drive I have to work, parent and enjoy life to the fullest.”

She’s also happy her public struggle with her weight has helped other women, continuing:

“It has been extremely rewarding to hear how my weight struggles have impacted other women. Like them, I am a real woman. I lose, I gain. Some days, I feel like the picture of perfect health, and other days, not so much. It’s okay to enjoy and not beat ourselves up about it.”

So true! It’s also important to realize that Ricki is 42-years-old and has NEVER looked better. That means it’s never too late to look your best!

Her new daytime talk show launches in September and she promises “a lot more important things for women to be talking about” other than their weight.

Don’t know about you guys, but we’re SO excited for Ricki’s career comeback!

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Jan 6, 2012 5:30pm PDT

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