Mark Wahlberg Antsy To Shoot Fighter 2!

mark wahlberg the fighter 2

You guys…

Mark Wahlberg wants to make The Fighter 2, and he wants to make it soon!!

After revealing the shocking news that director David O Russell won’t be captain this time, Mark is stressing the need to get a script together:

We got to do that film before I get too old. So maybe in the next year, year and a half. We have to wait for the script, and then we’ll choose a director.

Are you writers listening?? He’s jonesin’ for some scribes to get it together!!

We mean, we can guess why the great ones would be hesitant to pen a sequel to an already perfect Oscar-winning film, but…

As soon as the writers create the story, then it’s time to hunt for new directing talent. And Markie is thinkin’ Contraband director Baltasar Kormakur:

I’d love to be involved with anything he does, either as an actor or a director. He’s so hands-on. He would even try to show me how to do the stunts, but he’s clumsy, so he would bang his head on the cement! And he’d be like, ‘Don’t worry’.”

He’s kooky. He can do anything. I’d love to do a fight scene with him someday – he looks like he can take me. I can see it his eyes, that glimmer, when you’re beating the crap out of somebody? He makes it real. So he’s a great man, a great friend, a great colleague. I want to be attached at the hip with him.

Hmm, whatever you say Markie Mark!! We still need some convincing, though… We’ll be waiting for that trailer!!

[Image via Mr Blue/WENN.]

Jan 10, 2012 6:15am PDT

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