Hero Dog Throws Himself On Top Of Woman During Domestic Abuse Assault


This is absolutely incredible.

A hero dog has changed the policy at a battered woman shelter.

Last year, a woman was nearly beaten to death by her boyfriend.

He literally took a hammer and began beating her with both ends of it.

When she was lying on the floor, near death, her Great Dane threw himself on top of her, absorbing most of the hammer blows from the boyfriend until the man threw them both out of a second story window!

We have trouble even believing one human could do that to another.

When the woman called a domestic abuse survivor shelter, they made arrangements for her but not her savior… no pets were allowed.

The CEO of the center said:

“She was not going to leave her pet alone with him. He saved her life.”

Her Great Dane had suffered several broken ribs, a broken hip and serious bruising.

The shelter had to make an exception for this hero.

They said that 40% of woman who suffer domestic abuse won’t leave their pets for fear of leaving them with the abuser, so they live in their car or they stay.

Risking their life for their animal.

The CEO said:

“They provide so much comfort, and to have to leave that pet behind is so heartbreaking.

It has become abundantly clear that the incredible therapeutic benefits that pets can have on a family greatly outweigh the cost and inconvenience of housing them.”

So the CEO’s center has built 7 kennels and now takes pets.

It took the love, loyalty and bravery of one dog to change the policy of women’s shelters, and save 40% more lives.

Amazing, simply amazing. This dog deserves a medal.

Jan 18, 2012 7:00pm PST

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