Prominent Spanish Lawyer Plans To Sue The FBI For Shutting Down Megaupload!

lawyer wants to sue fbi over megaupload shutdown


Yesterday, movie streamers and music downloaders all over the world shouted “NOOOOOO!!!!!!!” in unison when the FBI shut down

Now, prominent Barcelona-based Spanish lawyer Carlos Sánchez Almeida has announced his intentions to pursue legal action against the FBI over their recent move.

He’s complaining that the website shutdown “endangers the legal contents stored in Megaupload, now inaccessible for company customers.”

Almeida is currently recommending that Spanish users of the service “gather information about the files they may lose due to the FBI shutdown, in preparation for a legal claim.”

So much Internet drama going on these days! And unfortunately, we fear it will only get worse…

What do U think? Does Carlos Sánchez Almeida have a case against the FBI???

Jan 20, 2012 5:50pm PDT

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