Facebook Adding More Than 60 New Apps For Its Timeline!

facebook adding sixty new timeline apps

Wowsa! Pretty soon we’ll NEVER have to leave Facebook…except maybe to use the bathroom (until they make an app for that).

Yesterday, we were happy to hear about Fbook’s new Ticketmaster app, which actually seems like something that we’d probably utilize.

Now, we’re hearing that Facebook is adding 60+ new apps to its Timeline, including the following:

– Fitness app from Nike
– Food app from Foodspotting
– Movies app from Rotten Tomatoes

Basically, Facebook wants everyone in the world to know what everyone else in the world is doing at ALL TIMES!

Here’s what Moor Insights & Strategy principal Patrick Moorhead had to say about Facebook’s Timeline expansion:

“There is nothing more that advertisers and marketers like than knowing the frequency and relevance of a consumer’s habits.”

While some of these Timeline apps sound cool, we kind of miss the days when people would call each other on the phone to catch up. Sigh.

What do U think? Are U excited for this plethora of new Facebook Timeline apps???

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Jan 22, 2012 10:40am PDT

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