Eyewitnesses Say Lindsay Lohan “Was Defintely On Something” At Chateau Marmont!

lindsay lohan chateau marmont party drugs alcohol

Oooh LiLo!!

We guess some habits die hard, LOL!! Or do they??

Eyewitnesses are coming forward, telling Hollywood they saw a red-nosed Lindsay Lohan showcasing the classic signs of pAArty-poppin at Chateau Marmont!

According to them:

Lindsay was spotted going to the restroom with a male companion on numerous occasions in a short amount of time. When the two of them emerged from the bathroom, Lindsay was giggling and her nose appeared red.

Lindsay was spotted only drinking water in the lounge area, but she appeared to be loaded on something, and she seemed under the influence. Lindsay’s eyes were glassy and her pupils were constricted.

She was definitely on something. She was slurring her words, and needed help walking at one point in the course of the night.

Lindsay was sitting on a chair adjacent to Harvey Weinstein’s party – his was roped off and she didn’t get past the rope. So she sat on the other side looking over. She looked bedraggled and desperate.

Sigh. We really, really wish these were just lies, made up by some jealahos. But with her track record, it’s hard NOT to believe it!!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Jan 31, 2012 6:10pm PDT

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