Kelsey Grammer: I Don’t Panic About Kids

Kelsey Grammer: I Don't Panic About Kids

OOOh!! Guess he’s above having parental woes!

If you didn’t already know from this 30 Rock clip, Kelsey Grammer is better than most of us.

When asked if he was worried or nervous about the twins Camille his new wife is pregnant with the actor said:

“I don’t panic about kids. They’re always a blessing. We’ll buy a couple of cribs and take it from there.”

Grammar and his new wife say already know the sex of the babies (Kelsey’s 4th and 5th child) and said they even have names picked out for the — but totally annoyed us by not sharing.

What we do know is the old man isn’t afraid his children are gonna interfere with taping his new drama Boss. The Golden Globe winner for Best Actor says:

“I’m excited because I have a three-year-old. The more kids on set, the better.”

We’re sure the show’s producers will be happy to hear that!

And why stop with three kids? Grandpa Grammar can also in invite his grandson to come play with his younger aunt and uncle!

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Feb 1, 2012 5:30pm PDT

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