Wow! Katherine Heigl Talks Up Grey’s Anatomy Even More!! Wants Guest Arcs Bad!!

katherine heigl anderson cooper greys anatomy shonda rhimes

Hey Shonda Rhimes!! Sounds like Katherine Heigl REALLY wants you to take her back!!

For the THIRD time on her One for the Money promotional tour, KattyHei (ha) has used the media to relay a message over to Grey’s Anatomy execs that she’s sorry for leaving she wants back on!!

Telling Anderson Cooper she realizes a full-time position would be hard to pull off, she suggests something different.

She explains:

The whole point [of leaving] was to spend more time with my kid. The best of all worlds would be able to do like an arc every season.

Hmm.. we wonder how the rest of the cast feels about this. Making screen-time for someone who left in such controversy would mean shortening time for those who loyally stayed.

Then again, an Izzy comeback would probably do very well for ratings. Such a catch-22!

What do U want???

Feb 2, 2012 4:50pm PST

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