Ryan Gosling Now Available On Demand!!

ryan gosling on demand time warner cable

Well it’s about time, geez!!

Ryan Gosling now has his very own genre in Time Warner Cable’s Demand movie center!!

All we have to do is go to Movies on Demand, click genres, and voila!! There will be a RyGos category for us to select!!

The films selected for this very special channel are:

Drive – because it’s amazing and was totally snubbed for Best Film

Crazy, Stupid, Love – because it’s HIGHlarious and shows him mostly nude

The Ides of March – because it’s poignant and ripe for intellectuals

Lars and the Real Girl – because sometimes we need a good cry

Fracture – because he’s in it…

The Notebook – because DUH!!

Murder by Numbers – because we need to be reminded he dated Sandra Bullock

Remember the Titans – because it’s classic

Unfortunately, this is only happening for the rest of February… ugh!!

In other news, world peace has also been achieved, LOL!!!

[Image via V.C.I./I.KAVANAUGH/WENN.]

Feb 6, 2012 10:45pm PDT

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