Criss Angel Responds To Recording Of Altercation! Says Producer Provoked Him!

There are two sides to every story! Here’s his!

In light of the audio recording released yesterday that featured Criss Angel threatening to knock out one of his producers, the illusionist’s attorney, Ken Woloson, has released the following statement:

“Criss Angel was in the process of firing Joe Safuto on Wednesday when Safuto became abusive and Criss asked him to leave. Criss decided to fire Safuto in response to repeated complaints from co-workers and other magicians about Safuto’s abusive and violent behavior and general ineptitude. Witnesses have attested that there was no physical contact and that Safuto very clearly was the antagonist. The audio released to the media is a snippet of a much longer conversation. We are exploring legal action against Mr. Safuto, including for his defamatory and illegal conduct.”

Ouch! Sounds like he means business!

Give the clip a listen again (above)!

It DOES certainly sound like Angel was provoked! But enough to respond like he does?

What do U think?? Who’s really at fault here??

Feb 11, 2012 11:40am PDT

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