Bill O’Reilly VS Matt Lauer: Was Whitney Houston’s Addiction Beyond Her Control??

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Bill O’Reilly in an argument?? SHOCKING!!

After expressing his opinion that Whitney Houston wanted to kill herself, Matt Lauer interviewed him about it on the Today show.

And that’s where things got ugly!! Their disagreement quickly heated and before U knew it, the two were sparring over the science of addiction.

Their epic battle of words went like this:

Matt: Addiction is a disease.

Bill: It’s a mental disease. You have free will when it comes to addiction. You don’t have free will when it comes to lung cancer.

Matt: Bill, I have seen dozens of stories over the years detailing the addiction.

Bill: They were sensationalized to exploit the woman’s condition, not try to help her. You know what we in the media do, Lauer? We wink-wink it. We Snoop Dogg it. We Willie Nelson it. ‘Hey, oh yeah, they’re stoned, that’s fine.

Matt: I think it’s apples and oranges that you’re comparing. I think on the one hand, the media did detail her troubles. But at the same time I would agree that they celebrated her talent or her stardom. [Are journalists] supposed to be in the position of conducting interventions?

Bill: They’re supposed to be in the business of telling the truth.

Matt: You and I could argue for hours.

Bill: Of course, and I’d always be right!

Matt: Well I know you’d always think you were right!

LOL! Oooh, Bill!! Such a character!!

But he brings up some valid points for discussion.

DO we have free will when it comes to addiction?? And why does it seem to be considered a lesser mental disease than something like schizophrenia??

What do U think??

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Feb 16, 2012 11:40am PDT

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