Jessica Simpson Uses Pregnancy Excuse To Cut In Line, Gets DENIED!


Booo! Not cool!

Jessica Simpson tried to take a shortcut by attempting to cut in line at a popular restaurant in Santa Barbara, Calif.

But when she pulled out the ol’ “I’m pregnant!” excuse to get to the front of the long line waiting to eat at local hotspot La Super-Rica Taqueria, she got DENIED by staffers and was told to go the back of the line.

Way harsh!

A source explains what went down:

“The line is always around the block. Apparently Jessica was too hungry to wait on the line like everyone else, so she tried to walk straight to the front in the hope that someone would take pity on her pregnant self.

Unfortunately for Jess, the line went crazy and other hungry people started yelling at her. It was so embarrassing. Eventually, Jess was escorted to the back of the line.

After all that, she just went to grab some Taco Bell around the corner.”


Honey, if you just wanted some of the Bell, you should have just said so in the first place!

Nothing beats a taco and burrito from the dollar menu to cure those pregnancy cravings.

And next time you want to use your big hungry belly as an excuse to get to the front of line, think again. No one likes a line cutter!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

Feb 23, 2012 3:00pm PDT

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