Breezy Says He Didn’t Steal No iPhone!


Breezy, Breezy, Breezy…how do you get yourself wrapped up in these situations?!

As reported earlier, Chris Brown is being accused of stealing a gurl’s iPhone after she snapped a photo of him in Miami

Now, the singer has come out and denied the allegation, stating he’s done nothing wrong. Breezy is sweating bullets and pleading his case to anyone who’ll listen.

A source says the following about the singer’s mindset:

Chris is telling friends that he has done nothing wrong.

Chris is hopeful that the evidence and the true facts of the case will result in no charges being made against him…He will do whatever his attorney asks him to do. He is no longer in the Miami, but if he needs to return for any reason, he certainly will. Chris has nothing to hide.

He BETTER hope that the charges are dropped or he’ll be in a whole HEAP of trouble in Cali!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

Feb 24, 2012 10:20am PDT

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