Ryan Seacrest Gets ASHED By Sacha Baron Cohen The Dictator On The Oscar Red Carpet!



Poor Bryan Ryan Seacrest is feeling pretty diiiirty on the Oscars red carpet right now. It was previously reported that Sacha Baron Cohen was banned from attending the Academy Awards tonight as his upcoming Dictator character. However, ban or no ban, he showed up moments ago in full leadership garb, flanked by two of his lady soliders and carrying the alleged ashes of another dictator, who shall remain nameless.

Things were going great … until Sacha’s “butterfingers” resulted in one hell of a whoops as The Dictator DUMPED the urn ALL OVER Seacrest’s suit!

Check out the video (above) to see the dusty disaster take place!

Did anyone clock that? How long was Sacha on the carpet before his act of terrorizism on fashion???

Oh, and in case you were wondering … SBC is OUT! They escorted him out faster than you can say, “WHOOPSIE!!!”

Feb 26, 2012 7:37pm PDT

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