American Idol Needs ‘Fresh Energy’ Says News Corp President!

american idol energy shot

Snap, snap American Idol!! Snap, snap!!!

News Corp president, COO, and deputy chairman Chase Carey has a few words for you!!

At the 20th annual Deutsche Bank Media & Telecom Conference, Chase explained his feelings on the show’s current state in TV land:

Right now [it] is clearly a glass half full. [But it needs] freshness and excitement and originality, new dimensions and aspects.

[Financially], it’s still a big hit any way you measure TV series.

Soo… basically Chase sees AI as an old star who needs to get a facelift unless they want somethin’ younger and hotter takin’ its role (*cough The Voice cough*).

What are U thinkin’ about this?? Agree??

Feb 28, 2012 6:40pm PDT

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