Watch Lindsay Lohan And Matt Lauer Discuss Her Sobriety And Partying On The Today Show

The moment of truth. Here we go!

As reported earlier, Lindsay Lohan recorded an interview with Matt Lauer in New York this week to promote not only her upcoming stint on SNL, but her supposed newfound “sober” lifestyle.

The Today Show wasted no time getting down to business and quickly got LiLo to spill about her sobriety. Things got a little, shall we say, fishy when Lindsay was unable to give a definitive time frame on her sobriety. She just kept on saying that partying isn’t her scene anymore and she felt uncomfortable last time she went out for a night on the town.

Then, Matt dropped the Whitney Houston bomb on her, and as you watch the interview (above), you can tell Linds was thrown for a loop!

Matt’s a hard-hitting journalist, LiLo — and he’s met your mother enough times to know what questions to ask!

But we were actually impressed with Lindsay’s message following Matt’s questions. She maintains that actions speak louder than words and she intends to prove herself through what she does next in her career and in her young life.

Show us what you got, gurl! We really are rooting for you!

Mar 1, 2012 10:40am PDT

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