Incorporating ‘Good Fats’ Into Your Diet

Marg J

Not all fat is bad for you! In fact, your body actually NEEDS fat to thrive. A FitPerez reader wants to incorporate the “good fats” into her food and wrote Marg J for advice, asking:

“Hi Margaux! I am struggling to find ways to incorporate ‘good fats’ into my diet. What are some foods and easy ways to make sure I am getting enough? How can I tell if I am deficient in fatty acids? Thank you!”

According to Margaux:

For many years, fats were considered the enemy. A lot of people avoided eating foods with fat so they would not get fat! I remember a friend of mine telling me she would never eat nuts or avocados because she didn’t want to “get chubby” again. Unfortunately, we need good fats from foods like nuts, avocados, fish, (I like the organic black chia seeds from The Chia Co), flaxseed oil (I use the organic, cold-pressed flaxseed oil from Barleans), coconuts and olives to think and function properly. They are essential for cell growth and many other important body functions. How can you tell if you need EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) in your diet? Some signs of EFA deficiency include:

– Excessive wax in the ears (almost a runny or gooey wax)

– Dandruff on the scalp

– Red, scaly skin on hands

– Dry eyes, mouth, and throat

– Thick calluses

– Dry skin

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Mar 3, 2012 9:30am PDT

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