First Look At Johnny Depp And Armie Hammer In The Lone Ranger!!!


Whoa, Tonto! We can’t believe what we are seeing!

It has taken a very, very, VERY long time to get here, but it seems production is FINALLY underway for Disney’s The Lone Ranger flick. No one is more excited about the news than producer Jerry Bruckheimer, which is probably why he couldn’t resist tweeting out this fabulous sneak peek pic of the the daring duo known as Tonto and the masked man!

Yes, that is Johnny Depp in full Tonto garb, standing next to the Lone Ranger himself, played by Armie Hammer.

Looks like the budget wasn’t cut from the costume/makeup department! These two look AWESOME!!!

We always had a hard time picture Johnny Depp in this role in our heads, but seeing it now, we can’t understand why we didn’t see it before! Simply incredible!

Too bad we have to wait over a year to see the movie! Whomp, whomp!

U like???

[Image via Twitter.]

Mar 8, 2012 3:30pm PST

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