Flight Attendant Breaks Out Into “Demonic” Rant About Crashing And 9/11 On Plane!! Watch HERE!!

That sh*t cray!!

Passengers aboard an American Airlines flight got a terrifying show Friday when one of the flight attendants broke out into a screaming rant!

Right before the plane took off, she could be heard from the front yelling at the captain, screeching about the plane crashing over the intercom, and referencing 9/11.

Passengers described her shrieks as “demonic” and when U listen to the video (above), U’ll probably agree!!

Luckily, everything turned out okay (well, except probably her sanity) as the entire crew was replaced and the flight made its way to its Chicago destination safely.

But WTF happened?? One passenger said the flight attendant told him she was bipolar. …welp, maybe that could possibly be an explanation… but only one of many!!

Watch the video and tell us what U think!!

Mar 10, 2012 7:00pm PDT

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